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Drainage Specialists for South East London and Kent

We are your local number one Drainage specialist, We are a well established family ran company – founded in 1994 and has grown its great reputation for reliability and professionalism over the last two decades.

Quite often a drainage problem can be resolved using our powerful jet systems but you may have a more serious drainage issue. Drainable can help. We use top of the range Scanprobe drain cameras system, which operates in full colour on screen text and measurements and the ability to give you a full DVD recording.

Our staff are reliable and dedicated to all our customers.Fast emergency response.

We don’t charge a call out fee before 5pm, we work 365 days a year and are on call 24 hours a day. We cover the whole of the London Area and Kent.

When water can’t drain away it will come back out through toilets, sinks and drains; flooding your property or even through into your neighbours properties. Get Drainable in straight  way – Drains can be a real headache the sooner you call us the sooner we can minimize your costs even when water or sewage is flooding your garden or home we have the expertise to deal with all your blockages it does not matter the size of the problem we will make sure that the job is done professionally and as quickly as possible.

All jobs that have had the Scanprobe is Guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months.

Scanprobe CCTV
CCTV Drain surveys are an important and very useful tool when it comes to identifying more serious problems. It’s not always obvious what has caused the problem of the blockage – It may require a more thorough inspection – our CCTV will do this.

CCTV is great – it lets us see exactly what tools and techniques to use to sort out your blocked drain.by using and having the most latest and technological advanced equipment we can assure our customers that solving their drainage problems is well within our capabilities.

Insurance Claims
We can assess the damage and give you a full repair quote, we will even help our clients with insurance company issues. To enable us to assess the problematic drains, we would be willing to come and visit our clients in person and discuss this with you in depth. If you have any questions and would like to get in touch please either send us a contact message or alternatively call one of our engineers who will be willing to help.

We have already worked and resolved drainage issues for domestic and commercial clients – nightclubs, restaurants, industrial work, new builds, prison services, school, universities, colleges the list goes on and in each and every case we have conducted our services in the utmost professional manner giving our clients 100% customer service.

We’re proud of every job we’ve done; whether it’s clearing blockages in the home, repairing collapsed rainwater gullies, or working on major installations.

Blocked Drains Kent

Kent blocked drains unblocked by professionals with over 20 years of plumbing experience.

Blocked Drains South East London

We unblock drains all across South East London

Drainage Services

There is nothing more frustrating than having a blocked drain in London or Kent and having to find a company that can come within a short response.


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Broken Drain Repairs


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Why use Drainable service

All jobs that have had a drain camera survey is Guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months. Our staff are reliable and dedicated to all our customers. Fast emergency response.

For more information on how we can help you, contact Drainable. The process is quite technical because some pressure and water jetting will be involved. But first, the professionals will try to understand what could be causing the blockage, the area where the problem could be prominent and the fasted but safest way to clear the clog. After the removal of whatever was causing the blockage, the drain system needs to be pressure jetted with clean water, and the speed of the draining water analysed. The reason for that is to ensure no obstruction remains in the system. If your home suffering from a blocked toilet, speak to the experts.

Contact us

If the service you need is not listed on our website please don’t hesitate to give us a call. So how is a blocked toilet in London or Kent dealt with?

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Few words about us by our valuable customers

  • I called DRAINABLE to inspect why i was getting rising damp in one of my guest house ground floor rooms that was so bad i could not rent the room out Tony the drain engineer did a test and found that it was due to the rainwater puddling on the outside wall to the room, he excavated and installed an open gully drain running the length of the outside wall and solved the problem completley Great work Tony and DRAINABLE

    Mrs E Williams
  • We getting smelly pools of dirty water on the tiled floor my husband called DRAINABLE who came later that evening when i had shut the shop and using their drain camera from shop toilt down through to the basement they found and showed me a rodding cap had not been fitted properly and sewage was leaking out,a new cap was fitted and tested and thy used a wet vac to clear the sewage waste from the basement floor,very pleased with DRAINABLE great work thank you very much Mrs Garrett

    Mrs Garrett
  • The basement in my shop that had only just been refurbished kepminutes later and using a metal detector found the metal cover of a manhole under the slabs of our patio where the sewage was coming from they used a high pressure jet to clear the blockage in the manholeand drain and also jet washed and disinfected our patio and garden area after many thanks DRAINABLE and your 2 engineers

    Mr and Mrs Groombridge
  • I called and asked DRAINABLE to have a look at my old cast iron soil pipe that was starting to come away from the outside wall of my house on inspection they showed me that the anchor points holding the pipe to the wall had corroded and rusted away they gave me a very good price to replace all of the old cast pipe arrived replace and they came the next day and carried out all of the work in just three hours and took away the old pipe to so glad i called DRAINABLE professional job and very good price too

    Mr Mike Taylor
  • We would like to thank and recommend DRAINABLE our garden and patio was flooded with horrible smelly raw sewage our neighbour gave DRAINABLE phone number to us 2 of their engineers athe rest of the testimonals. Im a caretaker for a church hall and we always had a problem with the ladies toilets blocking up i would normally use a plunger that would usually clear the toilet but when it blocked once more and i could not clear the toilet i found DRAINAGE online who sent out 2 of their workmen Paul and Tony with jet machine they used the jet machine down the manhole just outside the toilet and found dozens and dozens of wet wipes stuck in the drain they jet washed them all out and the toilet and drain unblocked they told me to put a sign on the toilet to say no wet wipes to be flushed down the toilet,Thanks DRAINABLE for cleaning the toilet and drain and for the no wet wipes advice

    Mr Simon Fowler
  • I called DRAINABLE team due to bad sewage smells in my kitchen they came the same day with a drain camera t inspect my drain  rom outside and found a large crack in my drain, they showed me on the screen, they repaired the broken part of my drain and I have had no bad smells since.   Great work DRAINABLE

  • I own a bistro cafe and often get a problem with grease and fat in drains causing blockages a friend of my recommended DRAINABLE team to me and the first time i called them two of their drainage engineers came at the time i had booked them for and they quickly unblocked and cleaned my drains out with their jetting equipment now i use DRAINABLE on a regular basis to keep my drains clear and running perfectly. I highly recommend this company

  • Thumbs up to DRAINABLE we had a very blocked downstairs toilet – their engineer came within the hour and quickly unblocked our toilet using a small machine in just 30 minutes

  • We had a really heavy downpour of rain on a Saturday afternoon and the guttering our house was just filling up and overflowing down our outside wall we found DRAINABLE on the internet and called them their engineers Tony and Paul arrived 35 minutes later set ladders up and cleared our guttering out all the way around the house and jet washed our downpipes too, They did this whilst it was still raining and in less than an hour – thanks guys great job




If you have an emergency requirement,simply call our 24 hour emergency line

 07956 822 325 /  07932 718 506